Healthy Smiles in Aurora

Did you know that the Aurora-York Region Health Department has specific recommended guidelines just for Aurora and Ontario Resident’s Good Oral Health? This simple checklist and regular visits with a great Aurora area Dentist like those at 4U Dental Care can help keep your smile healthy for a lifetime.

Brushing Tips:

  • Don’t Hurry –  brush gently, twice a day for two minutes, especially before bedtime.
  • Rinse your mouth with water after meals and snacks to reduce acid and remove food.
  • Wait 30 minutes after meals, snacks and beverages before brushing
  • Use a fluoridated toothpaste
    • Children under three years of age, or who cannot spit, should use non-fluoridated toothpaste or plain water unless advised otherwise by their oral health professional
  • Parents should help children under six years of age brush their teeth properly

Flossing Tips:

  • Floss daily before you brush your teeth

Reducing Mouth Acidity:

  • Rinse with water after eating and drinking, especially after consuming acidic foods and drinks or those containing sugar
  • Chew sugar-free gum
  • Use a straw if consuming drinks high in sugar, like juices, sodas and sports drinks to minimize exposure of teeth to sugar

Your Good Health

  • Visit an oral health professional regularly
  • Dentists may be able to spot signs of other body diseases that appear in your teeth and mouth.