Dental Implants – Something to Chew On

The Canadian Dental Association recommends dental implants as an alternative to dentures , partials or crowns. These permanent tooth replacements are comfortable, easy to maintain and more resilient than your ordinary dentures or partials. However, the process to get them is a bit more involved. Lets explore how 4U Dental Care can assist with your dental implants.

Dental Implant Step 1 – Bone Prep

Dental Implant Bone Prep

The dental implant base must be placed into solid bone so it secures well.

If you’ve been missing teeth for some time, you’ll need to schedule several appointments. The 4U Dental Care staff will perform a procedure called a “bone graft” to prepare your jaw to receive the implant. When teeth have been missing, the bone slowly deteriorates. A bone graft will rebuild it.

If you’re having an implant done to replace a freshly removed tooth, you’ll be able to move right into the implant stage. First, a hole is drilled into the jawbone, and an implant base is secured into the jaw. The base will be drilled evenly with the top of the bone, so there is no protrusion affecting the gum tissue.

Dental Implant Step 2 – Placing the Tooth

Dental Implant Tooth

Your replacement tooth will be specially ordered to fit your mouth comfortably.

The 4U Dental Care staff will order appropriate replacement teeth for you based on the size, shape and color of your existing teeth, and the replacement tooth can be easily attached to the implant base in a single appointment. Your dentist will check for size, fit and comfort when the tooth is placed, and may grind or polish the surrounding teeth for a comfortable, proper fit.

There will be a delay of several weeks between your implant procedure and your tooth placement, during which time the implant base will heal into the bone solidly. Since the base is secure, you’ll be able to use your implant right away for eating and drinking – even hard or chewy foods.

Dental Implant Step 3 – Multiple Teeth

multi-tooth implant

If you’ve lost several teeth, your implant will replace the entire gap.

If you’ve lost multiple teeth, the process is nearly the same. For multiple teeth in different parts of the mouth, multiple implants will be done. If you’ve lost several teeth all in a group, the implant procedure will only be done on the outermost teeth of the group, and a group implant will be placed.

This multiple tooth dental implant will be custom ordered to fit your mouth and the shape of your teeth and gums perfectly, and the end result is identically indistinguishable.

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If you’re missing teeth or wearing dentures or partials, don’t hesitate to contact 4U Dental Care in Aurora, ON today. Our highly trained staff can set up a special consultation to examine your teeth and appraise you of your implant options.