Our Dentists

4U Dental Care consists of a well trained team of professionals who are dedicated to understanding your needs and addressing them in the most effective and least intrusive manner.  Our team is led by two outstanding dentists, Dr. Hagen Knothe and Dr. Nooshin Sotodeh.

Dr. Hagen Knothe - 4U Dental Care

Dr. Hagen Knothe

Dr. Knothe has completed his dental degree from the University of Muenster, faculty of dentistry in Germany-one of Europe’s most modern and advanced dental training facilities in 1993. His past appointments include assistant professor and clinical instructor at the University of Muenster and clinical instructor at George Brown College in Toronto. He has committed himself to providing his patients with the best care possible, through participation in countless hours of high quality continuing training programs. While enjoying all facets of dentistry, his main focus lies on implant and cosmetic- restorative care as well as endodontic procedures. In his recreation time Dr. Knothe enjoys quality time shared with his lovely wife Dr. Sotodeh and a variety of sports like tennis, running, swimming, windsurfing, badminton and skiing, none of which he has mastered yet but nevertheless keeps on trying.


Dr. Nooshin Sotodeh - Board Certified Dentist

Dr. Nooshin Sotodeh

A graduate from the prestigious Wilhelm’s university in Muenster/Germany, Dr. Sotodeh is known for her warm and outgoing personality. Her passion in dentistry is creating beautiful smiles through cosmetic dental procedures. She also takes great pleasure in helping children to develop the right attitude towards maintaining their healthy smiles throughout a lifetime. Dr Sotodeh considers continuous training of her skills and professional development an integral and very satisfying part of her career, and this continues to benefit our patients. In her leisure time she enjoys traveling with her husband (who happens to be Dr. Knothe) and spending time with her five brothers and one sister. And if none of her friends and family is available, she watches movies, reads poems or plays mind games like Sudoku.

4U Dental Care in Aurora is proud of our multi-cultural background. We can provide service in English, German and Persian. Individuals of all cultures will feel comfortable working with our dedicated team.