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"I always wonder, if I got the needle already or not. Dr. Knothe is so gentle, that I never feel it."

"Very friendly staff, willing to explain everything. The doctors go out of their way to make you feel comfortable – very personable."

"My five year old son sometimes refuses to go home after a dental visit with Dr. Sotodeh. He likes her so much, that he wants to stay there longer."

"I love 4U Dental Care, two years passed since I had all my teeth done. Best investment ever!"

"Once Karlynn is done with cleaning my teeth, my mouth feels so fresh and my teeth feel smooth. She is the best hygienist I ever had, very thorough and gentle. I look forward to every appointment with her. Thank you Karlynn :-)"

"A big thank you and my appreciation for the wonderful job you have done on my smile."

"I recently joined the office of Dr. Knothe and was very impressed by the thoroughness of his examination. I don’t think I ever got that much detailed information about my teeth. With his little digital camera he put everything on the monitor for me to see and follow his explanations."

"2 years ago I moved away from the area and took my family to a dentist closer to my new home. After going there a couple of times, I noticed, that the friendly and comfortable care of 4U Dental Care is not easy to find. I am back at 4U Dental with my two kids and husband, despite a 50 minute drive."

"Kudos! 4U Dental."

"For years I had two caps on my front teeth, which I absolutely hated. Dr. Knothe changed them for me and they look amazing. It is impossible to tell them apart from my natural teeth. Thank you so much!"

"Before I started seeing Dr. Sotodeh and Dr. Knothe, some of my teeth were missing and the remaining teeth were very worn and short. About 5 years back I got my missing teeth replaced and the short ones rebuilt. I am so grateful for what they have done with my teeth. Finally I can smile in public without being embarrassed. I feel more comfortable and confident with myself, something my friends and family have noticed as well. I am so happy, that I took the step and had Dr. Sotodeh and Dr. Knothe by my side. Thank you very much !!!"

"Went to see Dr. Sotodeh with my 5-year old daughter and my 7–year old son, after trying a couple of other offices. They absolutely adore the doctor and believe it or not look forward to their next visit with Dr. Sotodeh. She has a great way with kids and keeps them engaged in a very fun and happy manner. Glad I found you."

"I know Dr. Knothe from another office, where he used to work. After he opened his own office, I followed him, even though it means quite a drive for me. I have so much confidence in his skills and trustworthy personality that I wouldn’t want to have it any other way."

"I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Knothe for his great Job! Several weeks ago (once again), I got clear evidence of his high professionalism. Dr. Knothe treated my age-old challenge which might lead to losing of my teeth. He was executing the treatment more than 2 hours and he had done perfect work and saved my natural teeth. All the best to Dr. Knothe, a very kind person!"

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