2023 International Symposium on Ceramics (ISC): A Path To Know The Digital Era

It was an amazing and fruitful experience to attend the 2023 International Symposium on Ceramics (ISC). Our cofounders Dr. Nooshin Sotodeh and Dr. Hagen Knothe attended this event last week in San Diego.

ISC 2023’s theme was “Simplicity Meets Esthetics,” and looked at the esthetics that can be anticipated and attained in the digital era. A debate was done on whether the traditional manual fabrication process for ceramic restorations still sets the bar for exceptional, individualized esthetics. Is it possible to achieve this aesthetic perfection using less complicated techniques like CAD/CAM fabrication? Can we still achieve different shades and optical properties with prefabricated ingots?

The Main Sessions featured three speakers for the first time: a renowned clinician, their master dental technician, and a university expert. Together, these three perspectives offered truly interdisciplinary evidence and promoted discussion based on personal experiences.

Additionally, they scheduled fresh complimentary sessions. Trendy topics like new zirconia variations, 3D staining and glazing, and 3D printing of ceramics, among others, were the focus of Hot Topic lectures. Pioneers in the field of dental ceramics gave lectures for the Legends on Stage where they discussed the past, present, and future of dental ceramics. To showcase the upcoming talent of the next generation, they also introduced New Faces lectures. By producing brief videos for social media on their particular subjects, speakers in these sessions competed for New Faces slots. The prize winners got the chance to speak on the main stage.

The 4u Dental Care team feels honored to be able to attend this event. In terms of dental ceramics, ISC 2023 exceeded our expectations and answered our questions.

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