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ZOOM Teeth Whitening


What is ZOOM?
Whitening your teeth is a simple and dramatic way to improve your smile. Dr. Hagen Knothe and Dr. Nooshin Sotodeh use the best, professional-grade bleaching products to enhance your smile.

The Zoom teeth whitening system is a professional-grade bleaching system that utilizes a hydrogen peroxide-based gel, which is activated by the proprietary Zoom activating light.

How does it work?
Over time teeth can become stained by certain foods like dark berries, beverages like red wine and coffee or tobacco products. Even with best brushing and flossing efforts, it is impossible to remove these deep stains at home. With a professional tooth whitening system like ZOOM whitening, the light-activated gel penetrates deeper surface layers of the tooth and brightens it up to eight shades. The result is a beautiful, healthy and clean looking smile.

What is the value to you?
– Improving the shade of your teeth and having them look whiter and brighter makes teeth whitening the easiest method to enhance your smile.
– Choosing the in-office teeth whitening system ZOOM, creates dramatic results with a one-hour procedure, saving busy patients valuable time.
– Immediate results with one simple in-office procedure.

How about sensitivity?
ZOOM Teeth Whitening is a very safe and gentle procedure. To manage tooth sensitivity, we encourage our patients to use sensitivity, reducing toothpaste one to two weeks before and after the appointment. The length of the procedure can be adjusted as needed if there is any sensitivity during treatment. Before the gel is applied to your teeth, your soft tissues and gums will be covered with a protective barrier.

What is Opalescence Take-Home Whitening?
At 4U Dental Care, we strive to help our patients achieve their most beautiful smile. This take-home whitening solution is another path to a brighter smile. By using professional-grade whitening gels like Opalescence and customized trays, your smile can become up to eight shades brighter!

Dr. Hagen Knothe and Dr. Nooshin Sotodeh will supervise and tailor the whitening process to your exact needs. By having this procedure done at our Aurora dental office, you can be sure that your results will be consistent and beautiful.

Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain Veneers are a fantastic solution to a whole array of dental problems that can cause a smile to lack beauty and natural radiance.

Among those issues are chips, gaps and spaces, short teeth due to wear and tear, stains and discolorations (caused by external factors and sometimes by genetics), misaligned or misshaped teeth.

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic, layered onto the facial surface of teeth to conceal their flaws. With their stain-resistant and robust durability, they provide a long-lasting, natural-looking solution.

With dental veneers, changing the size, colour and shape of teeth becomes an efficient and tooth structure-preserving option.

Have Dr. Nooshin Sotodeh and Dr. Hagen Knothe assess your smile and give you their expert opinion on how veneers may help you have a fresh and healthy appearance.

Laser Dentistry


The applications of laser technology in our modern age are real drivers.

Lasers are used to cut, weld, measure, print, communicate, entertain, or perform laser hair removal and laser eye surgery.

It’s no surprise that laser technology has found its way into medicine and dentistry as well. For more than twenty-five years, dentists have used this innovative technology to treat dental health conditions.

Often a valuable and gentle alternative to more traditional approaches with electrosurgery or scalpel. The dental laser helps reduce discomfort, minimize bleeding, accelerate healing, and it saves time.

With state-of-the-art soft tissue diode lasers, several dental procedures can be facilitated:

  • Gum Lift / Gum Sculpting
  • Fillings and crown and bridgework
  • Frenectomy
  • Gingivectomy
  • Implant uncover
  • Removal of lesions
  • Desensitization
  • Cold sores

At 4U Dental Care, we endeavour to merge tried and tested methods with modern innovation to produce long-lasting and optimal results with a natural and beautiful feel.

Cosmetic Bonding


Dental Bonding is a cost-effective solution if you have minor grievances with the way your teeth look. With cosmetic bonding, Dr. Sotodeh and Dr. Knothe can correct flaws like chips, space between teeth, internal stains, minor shape irregularities, or small cracks or fractures. Because all the work is done chairside in our 4U Dental Care office, and no off-site lab work is required, bonding is an excellent way to accomplish a pleasing and healthy smile both economically and quickly. Often there is only a small amount of tooth preparation needed, which means more of the natural tooth structure can be conserved.

First, the tooth surface is primed with a cleansing gel to ensure strength and a seamless blending of the restoration and the rest of the teeth. Careful layering of the bonding material results in a natural appearance. The procedure is completed by shining it up to a beautiful lustre.

Bonding is an affordable, non-invasive, pain-free way to fix smile flaws such as:

  • Chipped, cracked or well-worn teeth
  • Replacement of metal or amalgam fillings
  • Whiten stained teeth that are resistant to teeth whitening agents
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Reshape teeth that are out of proportion
  • Fill small cavities

Cosmetic bonding uses a tooth-coloured resin to restore and reshape teeth. The resin is applied in multiple layers and hardened with a high-density light. Dr. Hagen Knothe and Dr. Nooshin Sotodeh will then polish and sculpt the bonding to match your smile.

Smile Makeover

If you see your friend without a smile, give them one of yours

What is a Smile Makeover?

The Smile Makeover is a systematic approach to enhancing your smile by combining scientific standards with artistic talent.

At 4U Dental Care, the first step to a successful outcome is understanding your unique concerns. By getting to know you and learning about your individual needs and goals for your optimal smile and desired appearance, we lay a strong foundation for creating the smile of your dreams.

What can a Smile Makeover do for you?

For some, a Smile Makeover helps to improve their confidence.

Others use a Smile Makeover to align their appearance with their health and beauty-focused lifestyle.

Our smile is a particularly important feature of our facial appearance, and as such, a Smile Makeover can rejuvenate your face.

Lastly, remember the phrase, “Appearance is everything”! Hopefully, it’s not everything, but it does have a considerable impact, particularly in professional settings and with first impression-type scenarios.

Dr. Nooshin Sotodeh and Dr. Hagen Knothe will be happy to help you, whatever the impulse may be, when you are considering a Smile Makeover.

What are your Smile Makeover options?

Several cosmetic and restorative tools are available to put your “path to a new smile” into action.

Modern innovations can conceal common cosmetic problems like misalignment, gaps, discoloration, wear-related shortening, asymmetries, chipping, overlaps, cracks, black spaces close to the gum line, excessive gum display, lack of support for lips and cheeks, canted smile line or surface texture.

High-quality solutions are part of a Smile Makeover, which may be used either individually or in combination, are:  

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Cosmetic Bonding
  • Orthodontics
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Implants
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Tooth-coloured Fillings

What is the Smile Makeover process?

After the initial evaluation and interview to determine your goals and desires, a second evaluation will be scheduled, which focuses on cosmetic matters only. Impressions, photographs, x-rays and bite-related measurements will be taken to complete the picture of your current dental situation and give Dr. Nooshin Sotodeh and Dr. Hagen Knothe a full set of records to assist in the treatment planning process.

During the consultation meeting, you will learn more about the details of your smile, the custom-tailored solutions and the remedies that can make it more beautiful. At this point, you may review a mock-up of your new smile. When your questions are answered, and we’ve agreed on a plan of action, the active treatment phase begins. This may be one or several appointments, depending on your circumstances.

At the final appointment, your restorations will be fitted and bonded into place, and you can then walk home with a smile to be proud of.

Now the preventative stage of your dental care starts, which will maintain good gum health and protect your new smile.

Trust us to make your smile beautiful

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"My best dental experience ever. I used to be very scared of dentist and dental offices. These two dentists made it so much easier. They took away the fear and replaced it by comfort and trust."

Sue K.

"My family and I have the pleasure of seeing both dentists in this office. Both are exceptionally good dentists, best I have ever dealt with. They really listen to your concerns, are compassionate and approvable. What a warm and friendly staff and office. It's great to know that there are still doctors like this ones out there."


"The front staff are friendly and accommodating to your schedule needs. Both dentist are AMAZING! You do not feel rushed, all questions/concerns answered thoroughly and time is spent making sure you feel comfortable at all times. I am happy i found them and would highly recommend this dental office for anyone looking to get any work done on their teeth!"


"Our family has been coming here for five years and each visit has been fantastic. Both Dr. Knothe and Dr. Sotodeh are phenomenal. They truly care about their patients and take the time to explain everything. Our son had his two front teeth knocked out in the school yard and those same teeth are now happily in his mouth!! We could not be more pleased coming here."


“Very positive and great experience both for my husband and myself, and also for our 4 year old son. The office is cozy and clean. The stuff is very nice and professional. Doctor is amazing and very patient and friendly while working with kid 🙂 Quick response in case of emergency. Highly recommended.”


“Our family (myself & my 2 children) has been with 4 u Dental for past 6 years .Dr. Knothe and Dr. Sotodeh truly care and are always there to explain in detail if any questions or concerns . We have never felt pressured to do any procedure , but were always given clear explanations and support to make the right decision.!”


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