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What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that serves as an anchor for a replacement tooth. The artificial root is shaped like a cylinder and is surgically placed into the jawbone.

The dental implant is made from titanium, a solid material. Titanium integrates well into the bone and is used for a wide variety of applications in medicine, i.e. hip or knee surgeries and has a high success rate. Recently zirconium has been introduced to dental implantology.

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How Do Implants Work?

The jawbone fuses with the artificial root (the implant) and bonds it into place for a long-lasting, durable foundation.

Once the dental implant is in place, the artificial replacement tooth or prosthesis is attached to it.

Regardless, whether a single tooth, several teeth or all teeth need to be replaced, dental implants build a strong foundation for a great variety of solutions.

What is the Value of Implants?
With dental implants, you will regain lost function.

Missing a tooth is like losing a team member on your basketball or hockey team. The rest of the team must pick up the slack, and the extra effort will wear them down quicker.
If you chip your front teeth or break your back teeth due to the overload mentioned above, dental implants will help you avoid these unpleasant events and the related repair costs.

Dental implants also prevent future disease and destruction to your surrounding teeth as well as the whole body.
Missing teeth cause the remaining teeth to shift into the gap. This makes brushing and flossing more challenging, which in turn causes cavities and gum disease.

Replacing missing teeth with implants helps avoid pain when chewing by keeping jaw joints and chewing muscles healthy.

Implant-supported artificial teeth give structure to lips and cheeks and have a significant effect on facial features and good looks. Your personal appearance and your confidence will grow as a result.

Chewing food with an implant retained, stable prosthesis instead of loose-fitting dentures, helps you digest your food better and avoid embarrassing social situations.

Dental implants replace what is lost – a tooth with a root or a crown. Teeth adjacent to a gap don’t have to be ground and can be preserved in their healthy natural state.

How Do I Know If I Can Have This Procedure?

At our Aurora dental clinic, Dr. Knothe & Dr. Sotodeh will make sure that three requirements are in place before they recommend a dental implant:

  • You are in good overall health
  • You have good dental and gum health
  • There is enough bone volume for surgery to be successful.

If all three elements are fulfilled, the doctors will give you a full evaluation to see if dental implants are your best choice.

How long does it take to get an implant?

Typically, the implant solution includes a surgical and a restorative phase. Between the two steps is a period of rest and integration. At this time, the body creates a bond between the bone and the implant.

This period lasts four months in most cases. Depending on individual circumstances and the complexity of the situation, this time may vary. Temporary solutions maintain aesthetics and function.

At certain times, teeth that require removal can be replaced the same day they are extracted (Immediate placement / Immediate function).

Dental Implants Aurora Ontario

All the Details

Implants are one of the most popular and successful restorative dental procedures today. Losing a tooth is a common occurrence for many. Getting a dental implant in Aurora Ontario is a safe, tested solution that provides immediate function and beauty to your smile.

dental implants Aurora, Implant Dentistry


Each one of the doctors has more than twenty-five years of dental experience. Throughout their careers, Dr. Nooshin Sotodeh and Dr. Hagen Knothe have pursued their passion and curiosity for professional development. They strive to be the best at what they do by attending countless continuing education courses provided by leading dental institutions in Canada, the US, Germany and Switzerland.

dental implants Aurora, Implant Dentistry


At 4U Dental Care, we have a soft spot for our patients’ comfort and well-being. The phrase “a soft touch” carries meaning in all aspects of the dental experience we provide. It starts with the respectful and courteous personal approach and manners of the entire 4U Dental Care Team. It is also our soft-handed treatments and ‘no pressure’ consultations. Our mission is to treat you as gently as we would treat our family and friends.

dental implants Aurora, Implant Dentistry


4U Dental Care is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and modern technology.

“A bad workman always blames his tools. A good workman always has the right tools.”

Dr. Sotodeh and Dr. Knothe strongly believe that investing in modern instruments and equipment produces excellent treatment outcomes and the highest patient satisfaction.

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"Our family has been coming here for five years and each visit has been fantastic. Both Dr. Knothe and Dr. Sotodeh are phenomenal. They truly care about their patients and take the time to explain everything. Our son had his two front teeth knocked out in the school yard and those same teeth are now happily in his mouth!! We could not be more pleased coming here."


"The front staff are friendly and accommodating to your schedule needs. Both dentist are AMAZING! You do not feel rushed, all questions/concerns answered thoroughly and time is spent making sure you feel comfortable at all times. I am happy i found them and would highly recommend this dental office for anyone looking to get any work done on their teeth!"


"My family and I have the pleasure of seeing both dentists in this office. Both are exceptionally good dentists, best I have ever dealt with. They really listen to your concerns, are compassionate and approvable. What a warm and friendly staff and office. It's great to know that there are still doctors like this ones out there."


“Very positive and great experience both for my husband and myself, and also for our 4 year old son. The office is cozy and clean. The stuff is very nice and professional. Doctor is amazing and very patient and friendly while working with kid 🙂 Quick response in case of emergency. Highly recommended.”


“Our family (myself & my 2 children) has been with 4 u Dental for past 6 years .Dr. Knothe and Dr. Sotodeh truly care and are always there to explain in detail if any questions or concerns . We have never felt pressured to do any procedure , but were always given clear explanations and support to make the right decision.!”


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