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Enhance your smile with Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Aurora Ontario is one of the simplest and most economical ways to get a more attractive smile.

The process removes stains, and the yellowish buildup on teeth that can make your smile look older and less attractive. Depending on your age, these stains can be on the surface enamel of your teeth or deeper down.

At 4 U Dental Care in Aurora, we use professional-grade whitening formulas which remove:

  • Stains caused by drinks and food such as coffee, tea, wine or soy sauce.
  • Yellowing from smoking or age.
  • Dark stains or changes in tooth colouration from medications.

What are the benefits of professional whitening?

A beautiful smile attracts happiness


Looks fantastic, with our professional-grade whitening systems you will achieve great results. Your smile can become up to eight shades brighter.


Little investment required. Whitening is a way of giving your smile a tremendous boost and is the most affordable cosmetic treatment option available.


Low-risk procedure. Teeth whitening in Aurora Ontario is very safe, and your dental professionals at 4U Dental Care will support you all the way.
By having your whitening done at 4U Dental Care, with proper instruction and under professional supervision, you can smile with confidence.

You Can Expect Quality & Comfort at 4U Dental Care in Aurora

Teeth Whitening Aurora, Teeth Whitening

World-Class Dental Training

  • Husband and wife dental team with over 25 years of experience each.
  • Graduate training at one of Europe’s finest universities.
  • Postgraduate education at prestigious international training institutions.
  • Professional memberships in ODA, CDA, RCDSO, TCBSC.
Teeth Whitening Aurora, Teeth Whitening

Comfort & Care

  • We create a stress-free environment
  • Use modern equipment
  • Use sedation dentistry (link to the website where this is explained)
  • Offer emergency dentistry
Teeth Whitening Aurora, Teeth Whitening

Personalized Service

  • Customized treatment solutions
  • Flexible evening and Saturday appointments
  • Streamlined administrative processes
  • Multilingual: English, Farsi, German, Cantonese, Arabic and Russian
  • Patient forms on our website that can be printed and completed at home

Teeth Whitening Q&A

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Will my teeth be sensitive afterward?

Temporary tooth sensitivity is a common side effect of teeth whitening and occurs mostly in the early stages of the process.

Teeth whitening can not damage your teeth, and sensitivity doesn’t mean your teeth have been harmed.

To manage sensitivity, we recommend using specialized toothpaste like Sensodyne, starting a week before whitening and throughout the process.

Will my teeth stay white after the treatment?

The result of teeth whitening is exceptionally long-lasting, and yet it can be affected by genetics, diet, age, medications and habits like smoking.

When the initial radiance of your whitening result starts to fade, it is easy and fast, with a few touch-up treatments, to recapture the sparkle of your healthy smile.

Will my fillings and crowns change colour?

The answer is, “NO.” The teeth whitening process affects only the natural tooth structure. Any artificial surfaces like composite resin filling material or the porcelain of crowns will not get whiter.

If you are unhappy about the shade of your existing, visible fillings or crowns, talk to us about the options to improve your smile.

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"The front staff are friendly and accommodating to your schedule needs. Both dentist are AMAZING! You do not feel rushed, all questions/concerns answered thoroughly and time is spent making sure you feel comfortable at all times. I am happy i found them and would highly recommend this dental office for anyone looking to get any work done on their teeth!"


"Our family has been coming here for five years and each visit has been fantastic. Both Dr. Knothe and Dr. Sotodeh are phenomenal. They truly care about their patients and take the time to explain everything. Our son had his two front teeth knocked out in the school yard and those same teeth are now happily in his mouth!! We could not be more pleased coming here."


"My family and I have the pleasure of seeing both dentists in this office. Both are exceptionally good dentists, best I have ever dealt with. They really listen to your concerns, are compassionate and approvable. What a warm and friendly staff and office. It's great to know that there are still doctors like this ones out there."


“Very positive and great experience both for my husband and myself, and also for our 4 year old son. The office is cozy and clean. The stuff is very nice and professional. Doctor is amazing and very patient and friendly while working with kid 🙂 Quick response in case of emergency. Highly recommended.”


“Our family (myself & my 2 children) has been with 4 u Dental for past 6 years .Dr. Knothe and Dr. Sotodeh truly care and are always there to explain in detail if any questions or concerns . We have never felt pressured to do any procedure , but were always given clear explanations and support to make the right decision.!”