5 Warning Signs You Need to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed

Dealing with the pain of wisdom teeth is no less than a nightmare, isn’t it? Every year around 5 million people get their wisdom teeth removed due to different reasons. According to ADA (American Dental Association), one-third set of molar teeth usually develops between the age of 17 to 21. However, several people are confused about the symptoms and time they should get their wisdom teeth removed. Well, there is a lot of confusion in the air, and we are here to resolve them all.

In this post, we will read in detail about the common signs that you need your wisdom teeth removal in Aurora, ON. Let’s find out all the details and clear the air around.

Extreme Pain and Irritation

One of the most common signs of getting wisdom teeth removed is the extreme pain they cause. If you are experiencing pain in your mouth and that pain doesn’t go away soon and brings major discomfort, you need to get your wisdom teeth checked. Usually, this pain comes from the back of the mouth where the wisdom teeth are located and it feels like something is pushing into your gums and jaw. However, there can be a lot of reasons for toothache, you can consult a dentist and get an x-ray done to understand the exact condition.

Teeth Crowding

Many people simply get wisdom teeth removed because of crowding. Well, wisdom teeth are larger than normal and it usually is no room in the jaw to accommodate them. So, if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, you should go straight to the dentist in Aurora, ON and have your wisdom teeth condition checked by our expert dentists.

Swollen Gums

Another sign of wisdom teeth discomfort is swollen gums. When wisdom teeth trying to come out, they can irritate the gums making them feel hot, swollen, painful to touch.

If you experience any pain or discomfort on your gums, get it checked as soon as you can.


Since wisdom teeth usually grow in different directions and angles, they are more susceptible to have cavities.

So, removing wisdom teeth can probably help in reducing the bacteria in the mouth.

Difficulty Eating

If you are experiencing frequent pain in the back of your mouth while eating, then it’s time to get your wisdom teeth checked. Visit your dentist and get the teeth checked and possibly removed.


So, if you are witnessing any of these signs, then get your wisdom teeth checked. Book your consultation at 4U Dental Care to get your wisdom teeth addressed in Aurora, ON.

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